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Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant

restaurant | (07) 3073 9506

Refined over centuries of experimenting, Turkish cuisine has evolved, adapted and transformed into its current state – ancient techniques involving flavoursome combination of spices and…more

Aquitaine Brasserie

restaurant | (07) 3073 9507

Nestled in the south west of France, the French region of Aquitaine is known for its ardent love of provincial fare and local wine. Journey…more


Cactus Republic

bar restaurant | (07) 3073 9539

Mexican cuisine has managed to capture the hearts of appetites and cultures and all over the world, spreading its tales of fresh jalapeños, crisp corn tacos and delicious…more

champ kitchen & bar

cafe restaurant | (07) 3844 4470

champ kitchen & bar is a nicely positioned South Bank restaurant that features a great range of breakfast, lunch and dinner dining options.  It’s a…more


Cove Bar + Dining

Restaurant & Bar | (07) 3073 9547

Cove Bar + Dining is a contemporary oyster and Champagne bar that provides all the ingredients for an impressive dining experience. While a striking bar…more

Cucina by Toscani’s

restaurant | (07) 3073 9548

Cucina by Toscani’s has an extensive menu that is comprised of Italian and Mediterranean dishes to suit all tastes. Select from gourmet pizzas, house-made pasta…more

Denim Co.

cafe shop | (07) 3073 9549

Sometimes retail therapy can be exhausting. Sometimes you may fall in love with a garment, at other times your head may outweigh your heart, and…more

dot. espresso

(07) 3073 9553

Who can resist a freshly baked muffin, perfectly golden and crunchy? Serving Di Bella Coffee Modena blend, as well as tea, chai tea and hot…more


French Martini

bar restaurant | (07) 3073 9557

The French have an innate sense of style that always adds a touch of sophistication to every occasion, with Little Stanley’s resident French Martini bar…more


Gandhi Indian Kitchen & Laneway Stall

indian restaurant | (07) 3073 9558

Gandhi Indian Kitchen and Laneway Stall has been serving an exotic blend of Northern and Southern Indian dishes in South Bank for almost 10 years.…more

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